Follow this demo, which easily shows how, pi multiplied by the diameter equals the circumference

Teachers select objects of a certain size and shape (e.g. cup, cylinder) and hide these objects around the room. Give students instructions to find items of a certain size for example, items with a 12-inch circumference. Students then determine what diameter said item would have and go on a "pi hunt". In this example, they'd be looking for items with a diameter of approximately 4 inches. The diameter times pi (3.14…) would equal the given circumference. Example: Hide nickels around the room and instruct students to find round objects with a circumference of 6 cm. First, they'd calculate that said item would have a diameter of roughly 2 cm (dividing 6 cm/3.14…). Then they'd look for nickels!

To enhance your pi-experience

To keep with the pi theme, all food should be round. Don't worry—there's plenty of round food out there: fruits, vegetables, etc.

Pi Snacks:

Keep it light and serve round fruits and vegetables with dips. Suggestions: cucumbers, carrots, olives, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, kiwi, watermelon, and cantaloupe balls. You could also have round tortilla chips and salsa. Provide a can of whipped cream and instruct students to decorate their plates and their food with whipped cream in the shape of p. Also, tortillas and pitas with dips make great pi snacks.


Order pi-zzas and request that the restaurant decorate with p using the most common topping, pepperoni. A plus—pepperoni is round! Or order cheese pizzas with pepperoni on the side. Students can then decorate their own pi-zzas with 3.14… and p.

Pi-es (and other desserts):

Make pies in the classroom using graham cracker crusts, premade pudding tubs, and a can of whipped cream. Students can decorate their own mini-pies with the whipped cream. Or bring in a variety of pies, and have a Pi Pie Day p Bake a pi cake using a p tin.

Download Pie Recipe Here

Definitions relating to pi

Download Printable Glossary

Print this and use it to do some calculations

Download Printable Glossary
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